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vehicle transportation in Dorset and the UK

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vehicle transportation service based in Dorset

Trickett Transport are a car recovery and vehicle transportation service based in Dorset. We collect, deliver and recover vehicles of all sizes from anywhere in the UK to wherever they need to be.

Timely, prompt, safe and reliable, as long as your desired destination is in the United Kingdom, we can transport your car or vehicle when you need it delivered.

We are completely covered by full public liability insurance.

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fully insured vehicle transportation service in Dorset

Full Public Liability Insurance

Peace of mind is important. We always take care of any vehicle we transport, and are fully insured so that you can rest in the knowledge that you are totally covered.

Prompt delivery vehicle transportation in Dorset and the UK

Prompt And Reliable Deliveries

Arrange a time for pick up, and we can give you a time for delivery based on current traffic. Use our free quote form to tell us where you would like us to collect and deliver your vehicle.

Experience car recovery service based in Dorset

Over 15 Years Of Experience

We are car experts with years of experience in the motor trade. We also have years of experience working professionally to repair vehicles and vehicle transportation.







 vehicle transportation  and recovery service in Dorset

 car recovered by Trickett Transport in Dorset

What We Do

  • Vehicle transportation service based in Dorset for car dealerships, delivering new and used cars.
  • We deliver vehicles for private clients who need a vehicle moved from one UK location to another.
  • We recover broken down vehicles and transport them to your home, local garage or desired destination.
  • We remove any unwanted vehicles destined for the scrap yard.
  • We cover all areas of the UK, and can transport any vehicle size.

Why Choose Us?

We are a reliable and experienced vehicle transport fir based in Dorset who take pride in delivering vehicles promptly and safely for our customers. 

We make things as easy as possible for you, and deliver vehicles in the same condition they were collected in.

Our experience in the trade means there is nothing we haven’t seen, and we have developed a reliable way of working that always ensures your car is transported safely and promptly.

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Professional Vehicle Transportation Service Based In Dorset

We are a vehicle transportation service based in Dorset, but we transport vehicles all over the country. There is no limit to our collection points across the UK, and we deliver your car or vehicle to where you need it to be.

For anyone needing a broken-down vehicle recovered in the Dorset area, if we are available we will be with you right away.






UK and EU Car Deliveries

We work with car dealerships to transport their vehicles to their customers in a timely and professional manner.

We are happy to form new working relationships with any dealership requiring car delivery services.

We deliver vehicles to showrooms, to motor shows and new model launches, as well as delivering vehicles for TV filming and advertisement photo shoots.

We also deliver private customer’s vehicles to wherever they need to be in the UK.


Vehicle Recovery

We assist anyone who has broken down and needs help transporting their vehicle home or to a garage for repair.

We also transport any vehicles for scrap that are no longer wanted by the owner.

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New and classic cars delivered in Dorset

Vehicle Recovery service based in Dorset





Vehicle Transportation:

  • UK residences
  • EU residences
  • Race tracks
  • Car dealerships and showrooms
  • Motor shows and new model launches
  • T.V. Filming and Advertising Photo Shoots

Trickett Transport can deliver cars to anywhere in the UK

No Need For You To Travel

We take care of all the hard work for you, delivering your new or used vehicle to wherever it needs to be .

From anywhere in the UK - From dealerships, residential addresses, ports, and even on the continent, we will make sure your vehicle reaches its destination safely and securely.

You can trust Trickett Transport!




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